Far away in the east, over the Atlantic Ocean and across the Black Sea, between Turkey and Russia, there is a small but unique country named Georgia. It was called the Soviet Union before.

Svaneti,  Caucasus  Mountain Region, Georgia

Svaneti,  Caucasus  Mountain Region, Georgia


Georgia brims with a culture rich in art and literature, and with amazing nature: tall, Swiss-like mountains of the Caucasus, the dramatic Black Sea, and vineyards as beautiful as those of Italy. It is a blessing to call such a place home. Not even soviet rule could take this away.

We tell the following fable about how we came to possess the land we claim to be so beautiful in the world. When God was distributing the land to all the peoples of Earth, the Georgians were feasting, toasting, and doing some serious drinking. As a result, they arrived late and were told by God that all the land had already been distributed.

“What were you doing that was so important you are late for this occasion?" God asked.

“Dear Lord, we are late only because we were lifting our glasses in praise of you."”

God was so pleased with the answer that he gave them the part of Earth that was the most beautiful, which he had been reserving for himself.

The amazing Caucasus mountains, the polyphonic sounds of folk songs—which distinguish them from other sounds and make them musically unique—and Georgian dances that are a proof of strong, warrior-like characteristics of Georgian men and gentle, feminine qualities of Georgian women. In those dances one can see the history of the country and the heroism, bravery, and patriotism of its people.

-  A Soul Divided