Journey of Hope and Courage - Patricia F. Halinan

This is Maka’s story of love ,courage and triumph; her journey in search of a better life for herself and her three children. Having been brought up in life of oppression under communist rule, she acts with determination seeking medical and financial help for her son, Levan. Working as a nanny and having to leave her children behind in her country of Georgia, she travels back-and-forth many times conflicted between their financial needs and missing the comfort of her parents and children.
Her literary style is engaging and flows in a way that I felt I was on this journey with her. As a reader I began to realize the struggles of an immigrant torn between the language, culture and sights and sounds of her country of origin and then being suddenly dropped into a totally new experience and environment .
America has always been a welcoming country, I now understand how difficult this can be for an immigrant living in two different worlds. It is an easy read and I read it two sittings. This book is relevant for our times and I highly recommend it

November 3, 2017