A powerful and inspiring story - I couldn't put this book down - Amazon Customer

This is one of the best books that I have read in a long time. I read it in a weekend and couldn't put it down. Each chapter left me hanging to know what would happen next. It is a powerful, moving story of a woman who at an early age was exposed to Communism and experienced loss and tragedy, but she persevered. The story shows the passion and true love that was the foundation of Maka's family. Her three children, her parents and her brother supported each other, making great sacrifices so that Maka and her brother could live life their way. It was a story of bravery, courage, and determination against all odds. Despite the unbelievable challenges that Maka and her family faced, (especially in the early 2000's), I found it inspiring and moving to understand how in the end she could love two countries, which were so drastically different. What a great story to read to truly understand, treasure and appreciate the life and journey of an Emigrant. I highly recommend reading this book.

October 17, 2017