A powerful and inspiring story - I couldn't put this book down - Amazon Customer

This is one of the best books that I have read in a long time. I read it in a weekend and couldn't put it down. Each chapter left me hanging to know what would happen next. It is a powerful, moving story of a woman who at an early age was exposed to Communism and experienced loss and tragedy, but she persevered. The story shows the passion and true love that was the foundation of Maka's family. Her three children, her parents and her brother supported each other, making great sacrifices so that Maka and her brother could live life their way. It was a story of bravery, courage, and determination against all odds. Despite the unbelievable challenges that Maka and her family faced, (especially in the early 2000's), I found it inspiring and moving to understand how in the end she could love two countries, which were so drastically different. What a great story to read to truly understand, treasure and appreciate the life and journey of an Emigrant. I highly recommend reading this book.

October 17, 2017

Journey of Hope and Courage - Patricia F. Halinan

This is Maka’s story of love ,courage and triumph; her journey in search of a better life for herself and her three children. Having been brought up in life of oppression under communist rule, she acts with determination seeking medical and financial help for her son, Levan. Working as a nanny and having to leave her children behind in her country of Georgia, she travels back-and-forth many times conflicted between their financial needs and missing the comfort of her parents and children.
Her literary style is engaging and flows in a way that I felt I was on this journey with her. As a reader I began to realize the struggles of an immigrant torn between the language, culture and sights and sounds of her country of origin and then being suddenly dropped into a totally new experience and environment .
America has always been a welcoming country, I now understand how difficult this can be for an immigrant living in two different worlds. It is an easy read and I read it two sittings. This book is relevant for our times and I highly recommend it

November 3, 2017

Inspiring - KariLynn

I loved her honesty and heartfelt desires. I feel many Americans should read this, especially college students. Also I feel our legislators should read it as it gives a very good view of the emotional challenges faced by those who are immigrants.

January 11, 2018

A fascinating book! - Amazon customer

A fascinating book! The story that is being told is one that not only immigrants can relate to, but also people who have never experienced the worries and pain of leaving a country and beginning a new life in another country. When you read this book, you realize that you are not alone; this book gives you the confidence to realize that there is always a way around problems. Thank you, Maka, for sharing this story. It's not an easy one to tell. In this book there is a light that helps one world of people understand another world of people. Good luck, Maka!

December 18, 2017

" life evolved into finding your voice " Mauricio Cerrillo

Hi Maka, I just finished reading your book A Soul Divided. First of all, what a inspirational life story. Not only reading the adversities you faced but I love how life evolved into finding your voice. As more time passed living in USA, I started to feel that I didn’t belong to any country or hometown. I have felt more at ease since I moved to chicago and I feel slowly I am getting to that place you beautifully summarize as “I belong to both places. Both places fulfill me as a person.” Also, liked a lot how you educated people on the sacrifices made coming to USA, all in order to provide a better life for people back in Georgia at that time. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life and experiences.

A Soul Divided's Impact on You. - Angie Kappel


I am very moved by your story. We are the same age and both grew up in other countries. I had it so much easier growing up in Austria, a modern, Western country, where I could think and wear what I wanted. I had the opportunity to move to the United States without any economic constraints. I was able to get a professional job from day one, putting my education to use. 
It is hard to imagine what you had to go through during and after Sowjet times, and on top of it raising three boys under terrible human conditions, not even having the support of your husband. I am very happy that you found a new home here and finally can put your education to use. I hope your books and other endeavors will be a success in Georgia and in the U.S..

All the best to you Maka!