A Soul Divided: Memoir of a Modern Emigrant

By Maka Kartheiser

A Soul Divided Cover

A Soul Divided: Memoir of a Modern Emigrant, a story, years in the making. It is my personal journey from the European country of Georgia, my beloved homeland, to my cherished new foster country, the United States of America.

It is a story not unlike those of thousands of fellow emigrants who, like me, were and still are forced to move away from their homelands, leaving behind their lifelong friends, parents, and children . . . leaving behind a piece of their soul.

The struggle to find one’s place, one’s self, and one’s calling is universal; for emigrants, the struggle is even more to bear. We are destined to belong to two countries, and to neither. We are destined to dwell among those who fit, but not fit. We are destined to live life with a soul divided. And to live it our best.

This is a story of hope, inspiration, and strength to do what seems impossible. It takes your heart and soul into the experience of holding on to one’s identity, roots, and culture while taking in the best of one’s new culture. It leads you to make the most of each challenge and each relationship for the better future of the world.


Excerpt from:

A Soul Divided

Memoir of a Modern Immigrant


Far away in the east, over the Atlantic Ocean and across the Black Sea, between Turkey and Russia, there is a small but unique country named Georgia. It was called the Soviet Union before.

I was born there in 1970 and lived under that regime for twenty-one years.

Then I was forced to emigrate from my homeland. Now I live in a new country. I belong to both nations . . . and to neither. Like my fellow immigrants, I am alone among tens of thousands who do belong.

Like other immigrants, I am a stranger amid the natural citizens. Another foreign face in a crowd.

Am I one of the  unseen?



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And today I tell to my three adult sons, “Since life has brought us here, we should try to use this opportunity to combine experiences and values from both places. This will not only make us stronger, but also may serve for good for others.”
— Maka
Wonderful reading! Remarkable! Very inspirational!
— Brian Spruil, 2014