A Soul Divided Cover

A Soul Divided: Memoir of a Modern Emigrant

Maka Kartheiser (Kverenchkhiladze) is an author, immigrant, and a cultural connector. She recently published her fourth book, A Soul Divided, in the English language. She was born in 1970 in Tbilisi, the capital city of the country Georgia and experienced early life in this Soviet Union country.

This is a story of hope, inspiration, and strength to do what seems impossible. It takes your heart and soul into the experience of holding on to one’s identity, roots, and culture while taking in the best of one’s new culture. It leads you to make the most of each challenge and each relationship for the better future of the world.



Your book is so great! I enjoyed every paragraph. So touching and so interesting. It brought me to tears. I felt as if I was in your shoes. And it fills in some gaps of history. I have a better idea of what your generation experienced and specifically what post communism meant to people who wanted to have a better future. And that Vacation place and all - the whole aura you deliver it to the reader with words so well. It’s like a fairytale!
— Mariam Chkadua, 26, June 30, 2017”